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What's happening in Mexico?: The truth about gas price hike and protests

January 16, 2017 by Katherin Hernández

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The President Enrique Peña Nieto announced in December that they were planning to increase gas prices, according to him the increase was a "responsible measure for the stability of the economy."

The gas prices spike 20 percent only in a weekend in Mexico apparently as part of a government deregulation effort (lie), we started the new year with protests, looting and road blockades. 

Bus, taxi, and truck drivers have been hit the hardest, but that's not all, the gas price hike means an increase in the basic food basket. 

More than 250 people are arrested for robbery and acts of vandalism, the truth is some of these persons were sent by the government to justify the public force and to provoke the disapproval of the rest citizens. In Veracruz some residents stole gasoline and diesel from a gas station following protests against an increase in fuel prices.

Mexico must have built oil refineries to produce our own gas, but a couple of persons behind the President prefer to sell gas at high costs and make money from that.

What can I say as a mexican? We're fighting against the rise in fuel prices because it's unfair, politics are living from us, spending our money in luxuries, feeding the corruption.

Mexican leaders are not working for us, we are working for them.

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